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How to change your life and enjoy getting from point A to B. I never liked flying all that much until I heard some words of wisdom from one of my old college buddies. He flew anywhere in the world for free, courtesy of his step dad who worked for Air Canada; needless to say he made the most of the situation. When I told him that I hated to fly; he was shocked. He told me to “just relax, you can watch a movie, eat, read, meet someone new, have some good conversation; the journey is always what you make of it. Forget about arriving, enjoy each little moment that you’re free and away from the routine and hassles in life.” I never forgot that statement; I carry it with me on every trip. Time is so precious in life, at some point the hourglass drops its finally grain of sand, so treasure every moment.
Take some time alone in a special place to contemplate your happiness. Some people are always shocked when I tell them I traveled somewhere alone. They will never understand the complete and absolute feeling of freedom one receives from standing in a new part of the world and thinking “what do I want to do today, what will make me the happiest”. It’s so refreshing to get away from everyone and everything that has influence in your life; you can hear the voice in your own soul so clearly. So remember to take some time for yourself. Walk on the beach or up a mountain until you find a secluded spot and just sit back and enjoy the moment while contemplating your happiness. I sat on a rock in Greece and made a list of everything I loved and hated about myself, I came to some stark realizations that day. After a long time I threw the list into the ocean and felt completely liberated from my past. I swam in the ocean as the sun was setting without a single thought or worry about the past or future.
If you take all you favorite and nostalgic songs with you on a trip and you will never find loneliness. Music is the great soundtrack to our lives. It will bring you back to the memory of a lover or a special time in life. The song Closing Time by Green Day, always brings me back to the fond memories of all the great friends I made in college that worked with me at the Shot Pool Pub in London, Ontario. Everyone who worked at The Shot was a very special and charismatic person. We had the time of our lives working together, sharing together, living together, and occasionally sleeping together. The road trips, birthday parties, and special events were a golden era in our lives. Music is a warm comforting blanket that will keep your soul alive with beautiful emotions at the most troubling times on the journey before you. Everyone has that one great book that is recommended to them over and over again. So think about it, find it, and take it with you on your trip, everything happens for a reason, and it often seems to me that the right book always comes to me at the right moment in life; when I need it the most. If you pay attention, the right book will always find you and help you change the impossible. One of my all time favorite college football coaches, Lou Holtz, states that “Only two things will change your life 5 years from now: the people you meet and the books you read.” Traveling is all about change: the only constant in our lives. The more you change on a trip the more beautiful the journey becomes. Traveling forces a change in everything around you and takes you away from your boring routines, narrow perspectives, disheartened attitudes, and fearful inhibitions. The best way to spark a positive change is to both read some great books and meet as many other people as possible. I felt so happy to be alive as I was returning home from a life changing trip in Greece. On the plane, I started a random conversation with a Lady sitting next to me at the back of the plane. We talked for a long time before she looked me in the eyes and said, “I can feel the happiness in you, you really must have made the most of your trip, and don’t ever forget this feeling when you get back. Don’t remember this moment; keep on living it.” Her voice cracked a little bit and I saw tears starting to form. She looked at me dead in the eyes and with a tremble in her voice said, “I went away because I needed some time alone, I have cancer, and I needed to figure out how I was going to tell me husband and kids that I’m dying. I couldn’t figure out what to say to them; but I figured out what to do about it. I’m going express all my love to them each and everyday with all my heart and soul. I am going to live in love for the rest of my days.” Starting that simple random conversation made me realize how fortunate I was at that moment, face to face with those tears of love and fear changed me a little, from that moment on I was going to try to live in love for the rest of my days. Too just Live in love… Pura Vida Forever…

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