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Arusha Tour

Arusha is a city located in the north of Tanzania, situated below Mount Meru nearby the Great Rift Valley. The city has a pleasant climate since it’s close to Serengeti,

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Travel somewhere alone

How to change your life and enjoy getting from point A to B. I never liked flying all that much until I heard some words of wisdom from one of

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Rules and philosophies to live by for travel bugs, bums and backpackers.

Follow these rules and philosophies in travel and life; they will never do you wrong. This I promise with all my heart, cross my fingers and hope to die. Dance

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My Travel

Last time our country had a presidential election, Travel Boyfriend and I were on our way to Southeast Asia. I remember getting ready to board our plane in South Korea

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How I got the travel bug and the ensuing inspiration to be a writer

I remember sitting in my grade six classroom staring out the window dreaming of basketball, star wars, and my grade six crush. I looked around the classroom and wondered if

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